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Comox Valley Estuary and Glacier

Strategic Plan – Innovate 2030 Economic Development Master Plan

Innovate 2030 represents a substantial step towards realizing Comox Valley’s long-term future economic potential. It is supported by the work done concurrently on a number of strategies, business cases and profiles, including: Agrifood/Seafood Innovation Strategy, Technology Attraction Strategy, Business Retention and Expansion Strategy, Workforce Development & Labour Force component, Comox Airport Land Business Case, sector specific economic & gap analysis, site selector profile, governance review recommendations, review of annual reporting, and background document review. This was followed by the use of an analytical framework, using a Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, Risks, and Results (SOARR) assessment tool, which helped to form coherent ideas that informed the master plan.

The outcome of this project are strategic objectives that are the result of extensive community buy-in and research, producing a tactical plan that will ensure  objectives are realized. This coherent, realistic, and sustainable Economic Development Master Plan identifies opportunities to be proactive in inspiring community and business leaders to break new ground by infusing innovation throughout Comox Valley’s economy. Innovate 2030 is ambitious but includes achievable results for directions that have been prioritized with the community’s voice at centre stage.

For more information and resources regarding the Innovate 2030 Economic Development Master Plan process, please click here.

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