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Comox Valley Craft Beer Escape

December 12, 2019

British Columbia is a many splendoured place—that’s why we live here after all! We’re spoiled with snowcapped mountains, beautiful beaches, verdant forests, crystal-clear lakes and rivers, bountiful oceans, amazing food and drink, warm summers and mild winters. Yeah, it rains a bit, but that’s what the Gore-Tex is for.

In some lucky corners of the province—like the pocket of paradise that is the Comox Valley—you can even experience it all within a 30-minute drive. Kayaking, snowboarding and mountain biking, all in the same day, if you’re so inclined. But what truly sets the Comox Valley apart as a vacation destination is the wealth of quality food and drink options.

Three distinct communities make up the Comox Valley—Comox, Courtenay and Cumberland—each with their own personality and offerings. The valley’s shared agricultural history has given rise to a healthy local food culture. Eating and drinking local is a way of life here—whether its wine from local wineries like 40 Knots or Beaufort, award-winning cheeses from local dairies like Natural Pastures, fresh produce from the many roadside farm stalls like Sieffert’s Farm Market, or beer from any of the many local craft breweries.

Speaking of beer, the past year has seen three new craft breweries open in the Comox Valley, along with new craft beer-focused taprooms and restaurants, creating a craft beer mecca almost overnight. It’s just another reason to put this part of Vancouver Island on the top of your B.C. craft beer road trip list.

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