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Canada increases production of salmon

December 16, 2016

Translated from Spanish.

15/08/2016 10:22:01 BUSINESS
By Olga Ojeda Lajud
Comox Valley, British Columbia, Canada, Aug 15 (Notimex) .- The producers of fresh salmon farms in Canada increased their production and take advantage of natural problems faced by other major producers of this species in the world.

60 percent of the world’s salmon production is performed in hatcheries, but an outbreak of parasites in the Norwegian Sea, the largest producer in the world and an alga that has slowed production in Chile, the second largest producer, have declined global production.

Experts estimate that world production of farmed salmon could be reduced by seven percent, with very accessible prices for consumers.

The problems prompted salmon production in other countries like Canada, the British Columbia coast has 109 salmon farms authorized and established a new record for exports produced in aquaculture farms.

The coast of British Columbia produces about 75 thousand metric tons of salmon and exports 70 percent of its production around the world.

Salmon farming began an experimental level in the 60s, but became industry in Norway in the 80s and 90s in Chile.

While farmed salmon has faced criticism from those who consider it a threat to human health because it artificially breeding, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) promotes it as a possible solution to keep biodiversity of the oceans and meet global demand for protein.

According to various Canadian farmers consulted, there is no definitive scientific, business or gastronomic arguments to demonize the consumption of farmed salmon because they assure farms must meet strict standards to ensure the quality of production.

At present, salmon farming is also carried out in countries such as Australia, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Ireland and New Zealand, according to Global Salmon Initiative (GSI), which seeks to improve the sustainability of the sector.