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Comox Valley Farmers’ Market

The Comox Valley Farmers’ Market Association was born early in 1992 when a group of local growers saw the need for a gathering place for farmers to sell directly to the consumer. The association was founded by Dick McGinnis (President), Gail Beaucage (Treasurer), and Dave Bernard (Secretary). With support from regional district director Harold Macy, and guidance from district agriculturalist Gary Rolston, a produce guide was created and stakes were pegged at the site we still call home for what everyone hoped for – a successful weekly farmers market.

From those early days the purpose of the market has always been:

  • To promote the economic health of the local farm community,
  • To provide quality locally grown farm products,
  • To educate the community on agricultural issues, and
  • To promote local agriculture.

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Comox Valley Food Innovation and Processing Hub

With over 400 farms in the region, coupled with major shellfish industry, the Comox Valley has been a leader in BC in prioritizing the support and expansion of the agri-food sector as a major focus area over a 20-year period of economic development and regional planning initiatives;

A series of reports over that time identified that a primary factor preventing Comox Valley farmers & producers from capturing a larger share of the market has been their limited ability to supply product year-round. Many of these reports have indicated that this could be overcome through the development of agri-food processing capacities;

With the support of the Comox Valley Regional District and 20+ partner groups, Comox Valley Economic Development prepared and submitted to the Ministry of Agricultures’ Regional Food Innovation and Processing Hub RFQ and RFP.

The Comox Valley & Northern Vancouver Island Food Innovation and Processing Hub proposal creates a multi facility-based model, emulating the Commissary Connect Food Hub while adapting, expanding and including additional key features and opportunities for regional businesses to access new processing, training and business support services, to encourage an increase of agri-food businesses, advanced research, and business growth so as to enhance the economic development of the Comox Valley agri-food sector. CVEDS is awaiting the RFP review process to be completed.