New! Local Bizmap Profiles

We are pleased to announce the launch of two new local Bizmap Market Area Profiles for Downtown Courtenay & Downtown Comox, part of an excellent collaboration between Small Business BC and Comox Valley Economic Development and Tourism (CVEDS). 

Bizmap offers a powerful tool to analyze and compare key market data at the neighbourhood level, with the objective of supporting small business development and new investment in the downtown areas for both the City of Courtenay and Town of Comox. The project further supports the strategic priorities of both the City of Courtenay and the Town of Comox, with regards to a continued focus on downtown revitalization and enhancement.

Downtown Courtenay


Downtown Courtenay BIZMAP Profile 


Downtown Comox


Downtown Comox BIZMAP Profile 



What is Bizmap?

Bizmap exists to provide easy access to relevant market data tailored to customized business districts. This data, encompassing demographics, business types, building information and the area’s activities, is supplied at the neighbourhood level, providing users with highly specific information to aid in their decision making – from finding the ideal business location to expanding their customer base, and beyond.

Bizmap Users Can…

Explore Neighbourhoods

Find your customers or competitors and discover major business clusters:

  • Select neighbourhood(s) via the interactive map or listings page
  • Get district specific data – key stats, demographics, businesses and local area information
  • Download the full profile report
Compare Neighbourhoods

Compare data across neighbourhoods or regions with Bizmap’s easy comparison tool:

  • Select one or more neighbourhoods/regions
  • Select one or more indicators or sub-indicators
  • View, download/email the comparison report
Search for a Business Location

Find the optimal business location by searching real-time real estate listings (powered by Spacelist)

  • Select a neighbourhood
  • View active real estate listings


Please feel free to follow up directly with Geoff Crawford, Business Development Manager, with any questions.