Natural Pastures Cheese 360x250
CHEESE: We feel privileged to live on Vancouver Island where we are surrounded by ocean, meadows, rivers and mountains. The pristine environment play a part in the success of our cheeses, creating a terroir that has garnered international awards from the most discriminating cheese lovers. We recommend pairing out Bries and Camemberts with a local wine and artisan jelly to entertain your summer guests. Need a soft cheese for cooking? Make it sweet, buttery Amsterdammer. Looking for bolder flavours for an omelette? You'll be happy you tried our Boerenkaas. Our Smoked Boerenkaas, Cracked Pepper and Aged Farmhouse are sure to impress on a cheese plate and don't forget to try out ever-expanding variety of cheese made from water buffalo milk; mozzarellas, Bries, cream cheeses, feta and more! BEEF: Certified Organic as well as SOCA and Salmon Safe certified grass fed Angus Beef. By the side or whole animal.